Childs Consulting Associates, Inc., has successfully implemented over 300 technology projects for schools, government agencies, and businesses. We specialize in the specification of integrated telecommunications systems. These systems encompass the use of voice, data, and video purposes. We coordinate systems design, planning, bidding, purchasing, and subsequentinstallations including staff training and development.

We coordinate our work closely with the institution, the architect, and other consultants. We supply the planning team with information on patterns of academic use of information technology. This information assists in the allocation of space usage, the ergonomics of technology usage by patrons, and the design of flexible use systems.

We coordinate our work closely with our client and its architect and construction manager. 


John W. Childs, Ph.D.

Dr. Childs’ degrees include a Doctorate in Curriculum and Instruction and an M.A. in School Administration from Michigan State University. As Professor of Education at Wayne State University, 1965–1994, he directed the Instructional Technology Program, served as Interim Dean of the College of Education, and engaged in extensive research and development work with the application of technology to instruction and administration of schools. He was named Distinguished Educator of the Year in 1989. He is extensively involved in planning and development functions for school programs and facilities.

Since 2001 he has been extensively involved in all projects and with all clients.

Sheryl Childs, Executive Assistant

Doug Bevill, Ph.D

Chuck Hardin, Telecommunications Engineer

Ralph Bach, Network Design andImplementation Specialist.